Stupid is as Stupid Does

May 27, 2013 4 comments

Another cyclist run down and killed in Geelong today. A very common occurrence and it will continue while you have morons like this on the roads.

A common argument by the Bogans is that bike riders don’t pay car registration hence they don’t contribute to the road network. The insinuation is that they shouldn’t be on the roads to get in the way of the mindless Neanderthals like Emma Way. Of course their feeble brains forget that nearly all bike riders are car owners too.

We stay off the bitumen as much as possible and yearn for roads like this.


The Odd One

May 14, 2013 3 comments

Check out this photo of MP and some of her relations.  See if you can pick the odd one out.

Great! So you all guessed that her cousin, Glen, on her left, is the only one with socks.  Well done!

On her right is Glen’s partner, Wendy, and “Shorty” is her nieces hubby, Jarryd.  Now here’s a picky of niece Aimee and moi.

Pick the odd one out now.

Dogbait Resurrected

May 8, 2013 9 comments

It’s been two years now since my meter reading days finished for good and to finally drag myself away from the clutches of the local canine gangs has been a bonus.

When I posted yesterday’s blog, I was thinking the “Dogbait” nickname had outlived it’s usefulness as the problem no longer existed and the local doggies would have now forgotten me.  Yeah, right!

Having a lovely ride on a lovely sunny day and this piece of shyte takes a chunk out of my new socks.  Fortunately, he just nipped the skin but destroyed a brand new pair of socks worth $24.  Yeah, I know, a rip off for socks but I love them and they had to live up to their name.

I screeched to a halt, dropped the bike and start chasing the mutt around intent on sinking my foot into it’s bollocks but it had the sense to hide under it’s owners legs.  For a brief moment, I contemplated sinking said foot into both of them because I still hadn’t arrived at my favourite coffee spot, and as readers will realise from my last post, a caffeine depleted Dogbait is not to be messed around with.

The woman was mortified and apologetic and I calmed down enough to give her a right bollocking (I seem to like that word) about her responsibilities as a dog owner.  She immediately gave me her name and address and promised to buy replacement socks today or else I told her I’d be off to the City Council.  I said she can choose between $24 or a $250 fine so methinks that should get a new pair pronto.  I could always hold out hope for a box of chockies too.

I mounted trusty steed and arrived at my midway coffee haunt to find it had just closed for the day.  I thought, god help any poor bastard that crossed me on the trip home.

NEWSFLASH! Cafe in Barwon Heads burnt to the ground in overnight fire.

All is Well

May 7, 2013 4 comments

Dog “Cynical” Bait

April 14, 2013 6 comments

Further to my last post about our visit to Point Nepean National Park, this popped up in today’s newspaper.  A short video at the start gives a quick overview of the Park.

I shudder whenever Parks Victoria comes up with a scheme.  For three years now, they have scheduled then cancelled a burn-off in the Ocean Grove Nature Reserve. 

If it goes ahead, I’ll probably be writing my next blog from a homeless shelter.

A Memorable Day

April 9, 2013 6 comments

Okay, I’m a bad blogger, but hey, we’re still here.  Same old story that we don’t have any spare time with this retirement caper.  Flitting here there and everywhere and hardly time to scratch oneself.

A few weeks back, MP’s sister visited and we decided on a bike trip to Point Nepean across the other side of the Bay.  Riding across The Rip on bikes was going to be somewhat tricky so we opted for the 45 minute Peninsula Ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento.

Point Nepean is a former military site where in the late 1800’s it was thought prudent to stick a few big guns and some troops in case the Russians, Germans or any other unsavoury characters decided to stick their noses into our business.  The Rip is a very narrow stretch of wild water which leads into Port Phillip Bay and of course of military significance.

In 2002, the Federal government decided that some rusty cannons weren’t going to stop any belligerent nuclear warship so decided to sell the land off for development.  Naturally, this beautiful piece of land was heavily defended by loud community protests and so in 2009 the land was finally ceded to the Victorian government and is now a National Park.

We left the car at Drysdale and rode the 17k to Queenscliff and alighted from the ferry at Sorrento on a beautiful sunny day and then rode the 10k to the entrance of the Park.  The girls decided to stop for a quick breather before we made our way along this narrow peninsula towards the tip of Pt Nepean.

We came across this piece of Australian history and assisted in the search which proved fruitless.  Of course, all Aussies know that a Chinese submarine got to him first.  The fact is the idiot decided on a swim in very treacherous waters and the country was spared any further leadership from this brain dead PM.  Literally and figuratively.

It’s car free for 8k but you can ride your bikes up along nice tracks to about 800 metres from the Point to where the shuttle bus is only allowed and then you have to walk to the Point.

Looking over to our side of the Bay towards Pt Lonsdale, the sky looked ominous but DB confidently predicted it would skim past especially as some of us didn’t have wet weather gear.

We spent some time exploring the old gun emplacements and underground ammunition bunkers to finally emerge to this.  Keeping in mind that last photo, we had to walk up that road in the distance to collect our bikes.  The rain eased a bit so we took off only to get drowned before we even got to the bikes followed by a very soggy ride back to Sorrento.  We grabbed the first ferry back but could still muster the semblance of a smile while sitting in cold, wet clothes.  However, the meat pie and coffee was to die for.

We looked out the window and decided the view to Queenscliff necessitated an emergency call to the Wallington Taxi Service to avoid the ride back to Drysdale.

Muppet’s Mum soon arrived and took me back to collect the car while the girls suffered in the warm cafe sipping hot chocolates.

A memorable day.  Will do it again but may rely on a better meteorologist than the one we had.

The Perils of Age

March 9, 2013 3 comments

I had the same conversation with my doctor recently.