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Troubled Bridge Over Waters

December 20, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Anyone clued up to what happens to the planet at one eleven am on January the first?  It was going to my birthday but apparently I hung on for a few more days much to the chagrin of my mother.  In my wild teens, mum told me that she reckons they kept the placenta and threw the baby away.  Ouch!

Went for a leisurely ride around the Grove and Barwon Heads today and stopped to have a squiz at the new bridge linking OG and Barwon Heads which is nearly completed.  It’s come a long way from the politically inspired protests a year or so ago over the replacement of a bridge where no one could agree on what they wanted.  The local hysterical society wanted a single bridge in character with it’s “historical” background (1926 for gods sake!) and to be restored to it’s former glory.  How they were going to restore a piece of rotting crap was beyond me so the Minister said you are having two new bridges, one for cars and a separate one for peds and bikes.  All honkey dory by me.

The major works finished just in time for the onset of the rubbernecks this week as they stream into town for their annual six weeks of holidays.  I rode through the camping ground and they are already sitting in their camp chairs looking bored out of their brains. 

However, I digress. The bridge surface still needs to be sealed and the pedestrian bridge is having a surface of timber installed and fancier handrails and more landscaping works needed at both ends but this won’t happen until February now.  By the way, the pedestrian bridge was used by cars and trucks during the construction so there is a good chance it will take the weight of my bike.

The pollies suggested a competition to come up with a suitable name for said bridge but locals politics got in the way again so it was decided to call it the Barwon Heads bridge.  Head spinning stuff since it’s been called that since 1926.

By the way, I’ve gone high tech with the bike and managed to hook up my GPS and tested it out with a few waypoints and it worked a treat so no fear of getting lost in Ocean Grove in the future. smile_tongue

All the happy snaps of the day here.  The last one shows you what type of summer we’re having. 

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