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Party Time

Well I haven’t been too idle since MP departed.  The party the other night was a ripper!

Five minutes before she left, my computer shat itself when a hard drive partition decided to go on a trip too.  My backup image failed to recognise the hard drive and so I was left with re-formatting and re-installing everything.  A labourious job but at least I have multiple copies of my data so no real harm done.

Then my neighbour pops in and says his computer is playing up, and when I check, I find more Trojans than at Troy and so that’s going to require a re-format too.  Lucky for me he’s a plumber and a certain amount of bartering goes on.

It’s been warm days around 30c and the nights have been warm too so I’ve kept the budgie smugglers under the shorts for my daily run and I’ve been stopping at the beach for a swim during the run.  I drop the gear and plunge into the surf for a cool-off before running the 2k home and a shower.  Most delightful!

So if you want to see a fine specimen of manhood decked out in the smugglers splashing around in the surf, then check out the real-time web cam link for the OG beach on the sidebar around 8:30am each morning.

Except for Thursday as I’m off on a 100k bike ride with my mate, Alter Ego.  Luckily he’s good company!

  1. june in florida
    March 19, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    Couldn’t do the web cam it would require downloading quicksilver, could not watch through the programs i have.Don’t really need another.

    There is several different option for viewing the camera and even a low res one so you don’t need any software.

  2. March 22, 2010 at 2:43 am

    I’m scared.

    I would have used “terrified”!

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