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Some time back, I reported that MP made some clothes for Muppet’s Barbie dolls, and since she enjoyed doing it, continued on making them and making them and making them.  The sewing machine sat idle for years while she was working and it’s now getting such a workout we are having to constantly oil it. 

We have a market in Ocean Grove at the end of November and she has made 32 packets so far and each packet has a selection of about 14 items.  I’ve appointed myself as marketing manager for the time being and I have these grandiose ideas of leasing a factory in the industrial estate, giving myself some more fancy titles and employing heaps of sweat labour and trucking out tonnes of Barbie clothes.

MP is going to be the CEO of Sweat Shop Pty Ltd and I’m going to be the Chairman Chairperson and pay myself a totally overinflated salary and then get millions in a payout when I leave even if we go down the gurgler.  Scott from Oregon can be our maintenance manager, unless, of course, he wants to model Barbie clothes and the rest of you can pick whatever jobs you want.

In the meantime, as the newly appointed Marketing Manager (maybe MM should have this job) I need to survey my readers who are parents or grandparents of girl/boy ankle biters (no discrimination allowed in this organisation) and give give us an idea what you would think would be a fair price for a packet of these clothes.

Your currency will be fine as I’ll divide it by the price of a Big Mac in your country to give me a ball park figure in a level playing field.

Wow, I can play this again!


  1. AZ
    October 19, 2009 at 8:20 am

    Hum, working MP’s fingers to the bone are ya? I haven’t the foggiest idea what to charge for Barbie outfits, so I went looking on the Interweb and discovered that Target, a big box store here in the US, sells Barbie outfits. A package of 4 outfits, plus two pairs of matching shoes goes for $12.99. A single outfit with accessories (shawl, purse, shoes) sells for $6.99. I priced clothes that were similar to the ones MP made, there are wedding dresses and coat/hat boots sets that sell for $20 or more. Hope that helps. Since I did all this research could I be the Head of the Research Department of Sweat Shop Pty Ltd?

    I won’t be around for the next week… gosh, I ask for a job and then put in my vacation request before I get the position! That’s the American way! I’m off on an adventure to what is described as a very boring corner of Nevada to see an Aunt I’ve not seen in 45 years. Should be interesting.

    AZ – That new Editing feature comes in handy, eh.

    Thanks for your in-depth research and MP has just shouted out her thanks too. You have the research job and your new title will be HORD and feel free to take as much time off before you start the job. Just another Exec’s perks.

    We’ll be away in the bush again for the rest of the week too so we’ll start the new jobs next week, eh. Have a good trip and we enjoyed Nevada and went to a couple of very remote places.

  2. AZ
    October 19, 2009 at 8:29 am

    Well, I’m baaaack I used the edit feature to correct my typo, it didn’t work. My “to” should have been “two.” I made the correction, clicked on the “save” button, waited for the countdown to finish and WALA the typo is still there. What did I do wrong?

    AZ – You did it right! It notified me you did the alteration correctly. It saved as soon as you clicked “Save” and the countdown is only there as the time permitted to do saves. After 5 minutes, you don’t get a 2nd chance. If you had refreshed the page from the toolbar (or closed and opened the browser), then you would have seen the correction.

  3. june in florida
    October 19, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    I thought ebay would be good but they have sellers from China that are so low. I would think local would be best, do you have Craigs List there? Something in an advisory category would be fine for me thank you.Good luck MP the clothes are adorable and unique.

    June – Thanks. I think people would appreciate home made clothes so I’m betting they will sell well.

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