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The Big Trip

June in Florida asked for some pics of the new car which I linked on the comments from the previous post but here and here if anyone is interested.

We had another long walk today with our friend, Tanya.  We met Tanya in Nepal in 2006 and she is off there again this October to do a seriously demanding trek which climbs Mera Peak at 6189 metres and is graded at 9 out of 10 whereas our recent trek was a 6/10.  Tanya is a very strong and capable trekker and we have no doubt she will complete this torture hell hike well.

Tackling the 390 metre You Yangs out of Geelong probably doesn’t qualify as altitude training but we do a 18k walk starting from the bottom to the top and then a circuit of this old volcano and then a 5k walk along the base back to the cars.

I usually handle this walk quite well but for some reason I was very tired today and absolutely knackered when we finished.  Tanya is 25 years younger than me and is always saying how she admires us old codgers for our fitness blah, blah.  Today, I was constantly muttering and whinging about how old I felt and Tanya suddenly turned to me and said, “Okay, you finally convinced me. You are OLD!”.  Biiiittttch!

To top things off, I tripped on a rough track and took a big tumble and landed heavily on my knee which hurt like hell.  Over lunch, Tanya told me that she was about to burst into laughter when I was rolling around the track but realised that my stream of profanities was a signal that my sense of humour had deserted me big time.  Very astute!

How two females can talk non-stop for over 4 hours has me puzzled.  I settled back at the rear of the field mainly because I was too stuffed to keep up and contemplated the meaning of life.  Even for these guys at the maximum security Barwon prison seen here in the distance. 

When we got home, this was waiting, but as we only ordered it 3 days ago, I suspect the crims don’t knock up rego plates these days.

  1. Muppet's Mum
    July 13, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    So did you have the same experience ordering this bike rack as you did with the last one?

    MM – Actually, no. They seem to have their act together these days and all handled well by one very efficient customer service lass and an equally pleasant old codger. 😀

  2. Scott from Oregon
    July 14, 2009 at 12:06 am

    I wanna start claiming my exercise distances in Kilometers…

    It sounds so much LONGER…

    5 miles becomes 8 friggin’ K’s!

    10 miles becomes 16 grueling K’s!

    20 miles becomes, on my god! 32 tortuous K’s!

    and so on and so forth…

    Scott – Our running club used to have a race in that very area which was the only one for the season measured in miles. It was done to cater for the old traditionalists and was over 16 kilometres or 10 miles. I used to handle 16k with ease in those days but those miles went by so slowly that I used to end up shattered mentally and physically.

    PS It always fascinates me that the mighty US of A along with Liberia and Burma are the only counties on this planet that haven’t adopted metrics. Get with it my good man!

  3. Scott from Oregon
    July 14, 2009 at 12:10 am

    Oh, loved the You Yangs pic! One of yours?

    And what type of rock is that? It looks like granite, but being in Oz, it’s prolly some sort of marsupial conglomerant…

    Scott – The only photo I pinched and you reckon it’s great! Then again, I’ll never match those beautiful photos on your blog that you pinch. Only kidding!

    Here is a Wikipedia entry for the You Yangs and it comprises granite, and contrary to popular and my belief, it’s not a volcano but formed when “mass of magma that had worked its way up into the surrounding sedimentary rocks during a period of geological time known as the Devonian, when the land surface in Victoria was several kilometres higher than today”.

    Several kilometres higher! Now, that would have been good altitude training!

  4. AZ
    July 14, 2009 at 4:17 am

    On women and chit-chat… I’m always amazed that two men can share the same space for hours, and at the end of that time know nothing more than his name, what kind of truck he drives, and the MPG he gets. A woman in the same room with a repairman will know his name, his marital status, how many children he has, where the kids are going to school, how he met his wife, what she does for a living, how long he’s been a repairman, his work history, how many pets he has, where he was born and raised, if his parents are still living, his favorite beverage (Coke or Pepsi) because I have to know to offer him a drink, if he speaks more than one language, if he like working in Arizona, how many years he’s was married to his first wife. The strange thing is a man will tell you men don’t like to talk, but heck when I talk to them they volunteer all sorts of information, you just have to ask! 🙂

    AZ – Thanks for that fascinating insight into the workings of a woman’s brain. Proves once and for all that they are busybodies. If I came to fix your computer, you’d only get my name, rank, serial number and Mondeo, 43 MPG.

    Oh, a diet Coke would be fine too. 🙂

  5. thomashouseman
    July 14, 2009 at 7:39 am

    Lurking, but nothing interesting to say. Just don’t want you discouraged by lack of posts etc etc.

    p.s. Any photo’s of the dogs shining your head from the back seat?

    Thomas – I appreciate my regulars even if they don’t comment. No such photo as I was on my own and a bit difficult to snap at 100 kph! None in the future either as the boot area of the hatch is plenty of room for them.

  6. AZ
    July 14, 2009 at 10:11 am

    Not a busybody! SO always says “when the repairman comes you stay with him and watch what he does, don’t let me charge me for something he didn’t even touch.” So there I am doggin’ the repairman’s every move, I don’t want the repairman to think I don’t trust him, so I make small talk to keep his mind occupied while I watch him like a hawk.

    Mmm, they’re not going to slip one past you.

  7. thomashouseman
    July 14, 2009 at 10:59 am

    Aww. But the dogs so love the back seat as opposed to the hatchy-boot area. How could you be so unkind 😛 LOL!!

    Thomas – One of them did get onto the back seat briefly and covered the new seat in muddy paw marks. Hence, it is the boot area in future and call me a fiend if you wish. 😦

  8. june in florida
    July 14, 2009 at 1:35 pm

    AZ you would love my son. He has his own a/c company and always invites customers to watch him work and explains in detail what he’s doing. It must work because he is still very busy.Btw DB he is going to Sturgis Sd for motor cycle week, have you been to South Dakota?

    June – We were travelling east of Gillette, Wyoming on US 90 heading to Mt Rushmore, South Dakota, when we inadvertently stumbled on the Sturgis Rally. An amazing sight as hundreds of motor bikes passed going the other way. Sturgis was too crowded so we went into Deadwood and Rapid City for a look see. I was a bike rider myself in those days and it was an amazing experience walking down the street where literally thousands of bikes were parked.

  9. Tanya
    July 15, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    Well, you really are showing your age!

    Firstly, your fall was hilarious (well, once I realised that you weren’t seriously hurt)!

    Secondly, Mera peak is actually 6460 metres. Island Peak is 6189 metres (and yes, I am doing both). It may seem to you that a few hundred metres is pretty close BUT I have to say that those few hundred metres will take me several hours so they at least deserve a mention!

    Next time we walk, can you please ensure that you don’t take another ‘tumble’ as I don’t know that my stomach muscles could take it!

    Tanya – At least I’ve found a new way of extracting comments from my readers. You’d better take the camera next time to get that closeup shot and I’d even post it on my blog.

    The one of me killing you of course!

  10. Muppet's Mum
    July 16, 2009 at 9:45 am

    DB – I don’t think you taking a tumble is due to your old age. I think you’re just naturally clumsy. Remember the “golden olden days” (as Muppet would say), back when you were working for LIT and we were having a run along the waterfront? You thought you’d be clever and have a run backwards? Remember? Need I say more?

    MM – I always appreciate those nice things you always say about me. I’d call falling over while running backwards stupidity and not clumsiness. Anyway, get your act together, BIT is where I used to work and you still do. Sometimes!

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